FOIA Request for WMATA Documents

Our team filed a separate request with the City of Alexandria to receive WMATA documents about the Potomac Yard Metro project. All documents have been posted on the WMATA webpage at the following link:
Highlights after our initial review:
1. The July 2017 request is not a list of options as the Alexandria City Council seems to have suggested, it is a directive to remove specific elements from the proposal – all of which were ultimately removed.
2. When the City of Alexandria felt our public pushback on the released one-mezzanine design in April, they told vendors to expect an amendment – that fact (combined with the fact that the bridge was not included in July 2017) suggests that this addition was directly in response to public outcry.
3. The bridge finally gets added as an optional element to price on May 3, 2018 – the day before the City Manager Mark Jinks memo is released.
4. The City of Alexandria should have detail on the south access bridge addition, including costs, and WMATA/the city CAN award the contract with that amendment from day 1.  The big question now is…will they?

2 thoughts on “FOIA Request for WMATA Documents

  1. Keep fighting the good fight. I was really surprised at the low voter turnout for Potomac yards in Tuesday’s primary. I thought you all would vote en mass against Wilson. It took us a while to active folks in old town. They are not as engaged now that the lawsuits have been decided. It’s very hard to keep residents attention and focus on matters like this. Keep up the great work!!!

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